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Podcast Interview

In this episode of The Poetic JustUS Podcast I had the opportunity to sit with the young intelligent, fearless, and bold Author and Poet; Alexis Lawson. @herblackhand. And we discussed everything under the sun from college life, career goals, cooking, love, and poetry. This was a conversation filled with all kinds of black girl magic. ✨


My essay Bound To Remember was published in Midnight and Indigo early in 2021. This essay is a piece that sits with memories of childhood that have been uprooted and displaced, while acknowledging the newfound need to plant roots and gain a grander sense of home. I got paid $50 for this story.


A new art exhibition at the African American Cultural Center (AACC), “HerBlackHand: A Conversational Piece,” featuring poems by artist Alexis Lawson and art from a collection of local artists, will be open until Oct. 10 in Witherspoon Student Center.


Alexis Lawson is a poet, storyteller, and author of the poetry collection The Beauty in my Bare Bones (2019). She is passionate about making arts more accessible to youth, while writing through the black voice, incorporating her culture into narratives that some otherwise may not see representation.

Discussed: rejection fatigue, the education system, moving beyond genre in writing, hope as a radical force, and how to write poetry in a burning world.


May 20, 2022 — I am very passionate about making arts more accessible to the youth, while writing fiction through the black voice, incorporating culture into …

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